Thursday, 23 June 2016

9 Reasons Why This Blog Is Cool

BREAKING NEWS! I got a visitor from India. :D You can see it in my flag counter of cool people who visit A Lonely Potato.

Thank you, person from halfway across the world! Please follow me...? Or comment. Or share. I mean, as long as someone does something on this blog besides Aspen and Freya.

Reasons This Blog Is Cool:

  1. I made a cool header picture with a potato.
  2. Don't you think Lonely Potato has a ring to it?
  3. My posts are interesting and totally worth reading.
  4. The background consists of infinite cacti to shield you from the vicious unknown.
  5. I'm cool.
  6. My favourite colour is blue. But green is a nice colour too.
  7. Freya likes this blog, and believes in me.
  8. Aspen was inspired to create her own blog because of me (tru story).
  9. The are 9 reasons this blog is cool, and 9 is a rad number in Chinese and Indian culture.
If someone actually follows me, I will dedicate a post to you. Or two posts. Or three. Because, I'm nice, ya know? So... keep that in mind.


Throwback Thursday! Vickyish's Old Pictures: Part One

I was look through a bunch of old pictures today (ah, the freedom of having time to do stupid things without procrastinating), and I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Get Stuff For Free

Living in 21st century Canada has it's perks. For one, there's an overabundance of things everywhere, so that's how people can get things for free. Basically, through many evenings of trawling the Internet for free stuff, I picked up on a few common ways to get freebies. Of course, depending on your circumstance (i.e. sorry, rice farmers in Nepal), you may be stuck having to buy things the normal way. But if you live in a relatively pleasant country/a populated area, and have wi-fi access and basic intelligence, some or all of these tips may apply to you:

1. All Hail Kijiji, the King of Freebies

Okay, so Kijiji may not be in your area. But Kijiji is awesome if you happen to have access to it in your community. It's basically a website that lets you sell, buy, or advertise things, and often people have ads for things that they don't need. Especially if they're moving. Which leads me to:

2. Yard Sales, Where Dreams Are Born
Pay attention to that June Saturday- odds are there's a yard sale going on in your neighborhood, where cheap and sometimes free stuff is in abundance. Check those concrete lamp post things, or the corners of street intersections. If possible, attempt to bring a small child with you. Note that the child must possess puppy dog eyes, with a attack strength of preferably at least 12 SPS (souls per second). Bargaining is a useful tool, also known as haggling.

3. The Art of Dumpster Diving

Ah, dumpster diving. Most people don't appreciate the beauty in scavenging for food in dumpsters- they don't understand, they're just snobby. The trick is to go to those successful big chains that constantly throw out food, electronics, books, stationary, you name it. The stuff they're throwing out it often if perfect condition, but, I mean, I guess I understand why you don't need heart-shaped notebooks anymore after February 14.

4. Couchsurfing on the Waves of Freedom
If you don't already know, Couchsurfing is probably the best way to travel with minimal expenses. I mean, accommodations for the nights are basically the main expense. Nice people on Couchsurfing let you crash at their places for free, and might even feed you and show you around. 10/10. Just be chill. That's... basically the only requirement.

5. Goodreads, Bringer of Joy

Lol okay, Goodreads doesn't even compare to the other methods I've mentioned. It's only on here because I just tried it today and it was partly my inspiration for this post. Also, I love reading. So they have this system on Goodreads where authors can choose to give away free copies of books to random people who enter in their book giveaway. It's really easy to enter, too- you only need an account, and a shipping address. Right now, there's probably over 100 book giveaways open. Some of them aren't even that shady!

Be Free
Now go be happy and get stuff for free.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Is The Best

I realized recently that potato is sort of a palindrome. I mean, 'otato' is at least. Isn't that kind of interesting?

Okay, so the main topic for today is crunchy peanut butter. I never got why people would choose creamy over crunchy. Why?! Just... I don't understand you. Sure, PB is still PB, and creamy beanut butter is still great. Beats, like, jam or whatever. But crunchy... words cannot adequately describe.

The crunchiness!

The textureness!

The interestingness!

I mean, isn't it kinda boring just having plain, smooth peanut butter? It's so much more interesting to have things mixed up a little, and finding the tiny peanuts sporadically scattered throughout your sandwich and then crushing them just feels so satisfying.

So yeah, I just can't comprehend how people don't love crunchy peanut butter. I could eat it all day, except I would become super fat. At least it doesn't give you diabetes, though, right? So that's good.

...I'm having trouble ending my posts in a not awkward or strange manner.  I have a strong urge to say, 'Welp'. But I have a feeling most people are unfamiliar with this odd teenage slang term. They probably get really confused and disgusted, and then disappointingly leave A Lonely Potato forever, never to return again.


Oh, Exams. How I Despise Thee

AHH. Exams are tomorrow! Which is really scary. I have two, Science and Music, which I guess isn't all that bad, but it sucks cause I'm really unprepared. Thanks to my amazing work-dodging skills, I've managed to put off studying until now. I took some notes, then I got bored and browsed wikis.

I'm even less prepared for the music exam, because I can only ever seem to practice trumpet in 10 minute intervals, and upon thereafter I seem to be unable to go on and I just stop.

But after tomorrow, I can finally relax and binge watch Game of Thrones! I feel sort of behind. I'm only on season 5, but it's just indescribably epic. I keep trying to convince Freya to watch it, but she's too distracted by this 'Viking' show or whatever. :(

Side note: I actually just realized today that I had accidentally been typing up my posts in HTML mode. So that's why the font was weird.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Pro in Procrastination

Wow, I started the blog so I could procrastinate more, but now I'm procrastinating on this too. That's, like... Procrastiception. Second degree procrastinating. So yeah, I'm kind of an expert on procrastination.

I have this friend, 'Aspen Houx', and she is literally a god. She never procrastinates. Yes, you heard that right. There exists out there beings who don't tremble in fear at the thought of towering piles of work. Basically, she actually has a work ethic.

Wait. Where am I going with this post again? Actually, this doesn't even quality as a legit post. It's more like a semi-literate rambling rant. Well, I guess I can talk about procrastination some more. I really wish I didn't procrastinate so much, ya know? It really affects my sleep, and my grades (that part makes me sad). And plus, the whole time I'm streaming Game of Thrones, there's like this tiny baby in my head, biting into my brain and making me feel guilty and stressed. (Note to self: Great analogy. Use similar ones in future). I feel kinda screwed for grade 11 and 12, not to mention university. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail and die terribly, probably also alone, and in my dorm room eating ramen. Something like that seems pretty probable.

Right now I should practice the trumpet for my music exams in two days. I'm probably gonna fail that, too. But it's okay, because I won't fail that as terribly as I will the business summative due today. Okay fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad. Just a tad. I'm pretty sure 99.1128% of people procrastinate. So I'm not that bad off.

I really don't know how to end this post. I should have a signature sign off. So... yeah. Bye. If anyone's reading this. The only people who are probably gonna even find my blog are my two friends. I only have two friends. Yep. Okay. Bye. Again.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

First Post! Be Proud of Me Fam

So here's my first post. I'm not sure what to do. It's 11:00pm, and I barely did any homework. I got very little sleep this past week, and it's exams soon. I probably shouldn't create a new distraction, at now of all times, but at least blogging is somewhat useful, right? Like it helps you write better. Possibly. Okay I have nothing to say now. Maybe my friend and veteran blogger will give me some protips tomorrow. Welp. Goodnight.