Thursday, 23 June 2016

9 Reasons Why This Blog Is Cool

BREAKING NEWS! I got a visitor from India. :D You can see it in my flag counter of cool people who visit A Lonely Potato.

Thank you, person from halfway across the world! Please follow me...? Or comment. Or share. I mean, as long as someone does something on this blog besides Aspen and Freya.

Reasons This Blog Is Cool:

  1. I made a cool header picture with a potato.
  2. Don't you think Lonely Potato has a ring to it?
  3. My posts are interesting and totally worth reading.
  4. The background consists of infinite cacti to shield you from the vicious unknown.
  5. I'm cool.
  6. My favourite colour is blue. But green is a nice colour too.
  7. Freya likes this blog, and believes in me.
  8. Aspen was inspired to create her own blog because of me (tru story).
  9. The are 9 reasons this blog is cool, and 9 is a rad number in Chinese and Indian culture.
If someone actually follows me, I will dedicate a post to you. Or two posts. Or three. Because, I'm nice, ya know? So... keep that in mind.



  1. Why are you so desperate for followers that you would dedic8 posts to them? Also, I doubt the person from India will follow you. I get lots of random hits from people in Russia and they never even leave comments. They probably just found one of the blog's images in a google search. If you go to the stats menu in blogger you can see your traffic sources. Mine are mostly from people searching for pictures of Aztecs.