Monday, 20 June 2016

The Pro in Procrastination

Wow, I started the blog so I could procrastinate more, but now I'm procrastinating on this too. That's, like... Procrastiception. Second degree procrastinating. So yeah, I'm kind of an expert on procrastination.

I have this friend, 'Aspen Houx', and she is literally a god. She never procrastinates. Yes, you heard that right. There exists out there beings who don't tremble in fear at the thought of towering piles of work. Basically, she actually has a work ethic.

Wait. Where am I going with this post again? Actually, this doesn't even quality as a legit post. It's more like a semi-literate rambling rant. Well, I guess I can talk about procrastination some more. I really wish I didn't procrastinate so much, ya know? It really affects my sleep, and my grades (that part makes me sad). And plus, the whole time I'm streaming Game of Thrones, there's like this tiny baby in my head, biting into my brain and making me feel guilty and stressed. (Note to self: Great analogy. Use similar ones in future). I feel kinda screwed for grade 11 and 12, not to mention university. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail and die terribly, probably also alone, and in my dorm room eating ramen. Something like that seems pretty probable.

Right now I should practice the trumpet for my music exams in two days. I'm probably gonna fail that, too. But it's okay, because I won't fail that as terribly as I will the business summative due today. Okay fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad. Just a tad. I'm pretty sure 99.1128% of people procrastinate. So I'm not that bad off.

I really don't know how to end this post. I should have a signature sign off. So... yeah. Bye. If anyone's reading this. The only people who are probably gonna even find my blog are my two friends. I only have two friends. Yep. Okay. Bye. Again.


  1. Wow. The tone in which you write really makes me pity you. "I only have two friends"? oh how about that nice Austrian ;) ? Doesn't that make it three friends?

  2. I shall have you know that I'm currently procrastinating.

  3. You make it seem so sad. You have two best friends (which is more than the average amount of best friends so good job) and a bunch of other friends that you don't consider :)

    1. Lol yeah but then again the average potato has a fam size of at least 12 crop rows, and a squad weight of 5 kg

      Well at least we're over the weight requirement