Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Oh, Exams. How I Despise Thee

AHH. Exams are tomorrow! Which is really scary. I have two, Science and Music, which I guess isn't all that bad, but it sucks cause I'm really unprepared. Thanks to my amazing work-dodging skills, I've managed to put off studying until now. I took some notes, then I got bored and browsed wikis.

I'm even less prepared for the music exam, because I can only ever seem to practice trumpet in 10 minute intervals, and upon thereafter I seem to be unable to go on and I just stop.

But after tomorrow, I can finally relax and binge watch Game of Thrones! I feel sort of behind. I'm only on season 5, but it's just indescribably epic. I keep trying to convince Freya to watch it, but she's too distracted by this 'Viking' show or whatever. :(

Side note: I actually just realized today that I had accidentally been typing up my posts in HTML mode. So that's why the font was weird.

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  1. html mode. wow. what a noob. There are more hairpeople in the viking show I think.