Thursday, 23 June 2016

Throwback Thursday! Vickyish's Old Pictures: Part One

I was look through a bunch of old pictures today (ah, the freedom of having time to do stupid things without procrastinating), and I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Impressive peppers, and more. A fair somewhere that I have no recollection of.
First, this picture of a vegetable competition? I don't really remember this, but those are some impressive peppers.

A puddle, staples, and marker ink. The face of Gerald.
Ah yes! I remember this. Also made during the summer. I think I'll name it Gerald.

A weird bread cookie,  that definitely tastes good.
One of my failed baking experiments, I believe. I don't even  remember the ingredients, I think I just threw together a bunch of random items and shoved it in the oven. It looks like it'd taste alright, though.

Washington Monument, a stunning creation
Murica! What a serene looking obelisk. A stunning monument, truly. How can you hate such beauty, Freya?

Bread with weird corally reef holes and webby parts
Bread with weird corally reef holes and webby parts, also a jam sandwich
I remember this. This was more recent. I was eating a sandwich (unfortunately, we were out of PB), and I noticed these odd corally things. Aspen dismissed it as being normal, but I'm pretty sure bread isn't supposed to look like that. I mean, compare it to the surrounding bread, it's totally different. :( It was sticking out, all stiff and pointy. Not normal, I'm telling you.

Aaand that's a wrap! This was a great post. I'm proud of me.


  1. The bread is normal, that's how bread looks like.

    1. No, it's different from the surrounding bread. The normal areas are smaller and don't stick out. It's not right

    2. It was probably just something that happened while it was baking. Definitely not poisonous.